MEMORIES II - litter - 15 weeks

Elmer- NFO n 09 24

Male. Weight 14 weeks and 3 days: 1580 grammes

ELMER has his name from one of my great uncles who died too young. Then of course I also remember Elmer Midd, from the same comics as Daffy.

Elmer left for his new home, Saturday 16th of August. He's living on a farm in the area. Here he is in his new home, after he has searched the house and have been hunting flies. After a few days he "owned" the house and was the boss over the dog in the family :)


Daffy - NFO n 24

Male - Weight at 15 weeks : 2495 grammes

DAFFY was one of our favourite comics when we grew up. The black duck was funny and great


Rex - NFO n 22

Male - Weight 15 weeks: 2566 grammes

REX was my very dear dog and friend. I got him when I was 7 years old, and he died at the age of 14. When he came to our family as a puppy, our cat, Siri, adopted him. He grew fond of cats, and he was very important to me through my whole childhood. He was my shadow and followed me everywhere.


Lord - NFO n 24

Male - Weight at 15 weeks : 2590 grammes

LORD was my uncles and aunts dog. He was Rex' elder brother, and I think he was the first dog I ever got to know. He fell down from a table when he was a puppy and was injured in one of his back feet. Through his whole life, I think he was around 12 when he died, he walked and ran around on three legs.


Mr. Nelson - NFO n 24

Male - Weight at 15 weeks: 2604 grammes

Mr. Nelson was a puppet in a children's puppet show called "Pernille and Mr. Nelson" in the 60's on Norwegian Television. I always watched the show and was very amazed by the puppets and their world.It was so fascinating to see how a doll could be so alive!