Ravnklo's Shining Stars

Ylva-li's and Sisik's kittens are named after the beautiful winterstars: Sirius and Polaris. Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. Sirius is also known as the "Dog Star", reflecting its prominence in its constellation, Canis Major (Greater Dog). Sirius marked the flooding of the Nile in Ancient Egypt and the "dog days" of summer for the ancient Greeks, while to the Polynesians it marked winter and was an important star for navigation around the Pacific Ocean.

Polaris is commonly known as North Star, Northern Star or Pole Star, also Lodestar, sometimes Guiding star. In the Middle Ages it was called "Stella Nautica" and "Stella Maris". The Vikings called it «Leiðarstjarna», the star that guided the sailors safely home. In Norwegian we call it "Nordstjernen". It is the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor.


Sirius - NFO n 09 22 (?)

Male. Weight at birth: 138 grammes



Polaris - NFO n 09 22 (?)

Male - Weight at birth: 132 grammes




January 24th:Quite a dramatic afternoon today. Ylva-li was on her 67th day today, and my gut feeling told me yesterday that something was not right. I called my vet, and I decided that if there were no signs of kittens within 12 hours, I would bring Ylva-li to him. This morning nothing had happened so I called him back. He found out there were only 2 kittens, their hearts were beating, but they were not moving much, I had been worrying about since yesterday. Besides he told me that when there were/are few kittens, the “signals” they send to their mother that they are ready to be born, are weak.
We decided for a Caesarean, and at half past three Ylva-li’s kittens were born. There had been three, but one had died at an early stage. So now Ylva-li is on antibiotic, and hopefully everything will turn out well! We’re so happy we brought her to the vet on time! Beside her are hers and Sisik’s really beautiful kittens ♥ Both of them boys it seems, blotched tabby and white. Really handsome ones and eagerly drinking their first milk while purring.