Dylan - litter: 1 week & 2 days

There have been some changes in the ems-code. Suddenly there were some white toes, a small white spot on the chest and so on. We are not completey sure of the white spots so for the time being we have put a question mark after the code. Sira is now soooo very, very happy for her kittens. She has been "the little girl" among our cats, but now she has matured a lot and simpley loves to be a mother.


Woodie Guthrie - NFO d 09 24

Male. Weight at 1 week & 2 days: 228 grammes

WOODIE GUTHRIE  has his name from the song "Song To Woody" which appears on "Bob Dylan" (1962 - Original Release) The singer-songwriterand musician , "Woody" Guthrie, 1912 - 1967, has had a major influence on Bob Dylan.






Rubin the Hurricane - NFO n 09 24

Male - Weight at 1 week & 2 days: 260 grammes

RUBIN THE HURRICANE is a character you meet in the song "The Hurricane" from the album "Desire" in 1976.. Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, 1937 - 2014, was a Canadian middleweight boxer who was convicted of murder and was in prison for a murder he didn't do.



Ruby Brownsville Girl - NFO n (09?) 24

Female - Weight at 1 week & 2 days: 250 grammes

RUBY BROWNSWILLE GIRL is a girl you meet in the song "Brownsville Girl" from the album "Knocked Out Loaded" from 1986. The caracter is from a movie.



Baby Blue - NFO f 09 21 (?)

Female - Weight at 1 week & 2 days: 240 grammes

BABY BLUE  is from the song "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue and appears on the album "Bringing It All Back Home" (1965) Baby Blue can be many different women who have been a part of Dylan's life.



Handy Dandy - NFO n 22

Male - Weight at 1 week & 2 days: 244 grammes

HANDY DANDY  is from the song "Handy Dandy" which appears on the album "Under The Red Sky" (1990). Fiction.


Lily - NFO f (09?) 22

Female - Weight at 1 week & 2 days: 210 grammes

LILY is from the song "Lily, Rosemry And The Jack Of Hearts" and appears on the album "Blood On The Tracks" (1975).


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