August 29th 2018, Sira gave birth to three beautiful girls and one handsome boy. For a long time I have been charmed by S*Zygot's Walter, living at "av Oseberg" together with his owners Britt and Frode Thomassen and their other cats. I was very happy when we got the chance to let our dear Sira meet this handsome male in June this year. I've really believed in this combination, and the kittens looks just amazing! They are very even, with great weights. We look forward to spend the next 15 - 16 weeks with them and watch them grow up. Thanks to Britt and Frode for making this possible!

The kittens have names from pictures we have in our home.


S*Zygot's Walter,
NFO n 24

Date of birth: March 30, 2015










IC (N)Ravnklo's Sira,
NFO f 09 24
Date of birth: March 26, 2015
HCM: Tested normal, 20.07.2016 and 14.06.2018
GSD IV:Normal
PK Deficiency Normal (parents are tested)



Pablo Picatso Male NFO n 24 Sold
Shadow Female NFO n 09 24 Sold
Carla Bley Female NFO n 09 22 Sold
Frida Catlo Female NFO f 24 Sold



Newborn 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks 5 weeks
6 w & 4 d 7 w & 4 d 8 w & 4 d 9 w & 4 d 11 weeks 12 weeks
13 weeks 14 weeks 15 weeks 17 weeks minus 1 day 18 weeks minus 1 day 4 1/2 month

The names are inspired from these pictures:



October 2nd 2018, Siri gave birth to five new wonders. What a joy! For a long time I've been looking for a silver boy for our Siri. She has a wonderful coat texture, and hopefully she'll pass it on to all her kittens. I spent lots and lots of hours on the internet searching for Mr. Right for our Siri. When I spotted S*Silly Zone's Payne, I was sold. He was just the cat I was looking for. It was with great excitement I contacted the owner, Hanna Sandin, at S*Silent Hills and asked for a date for Siri. The answer was positive, and we were very happy when Siri could go for a date with Payne this summer. He lives with Annette Hansson. Thanks to Hanna and Annette for making this possible.

The litter is called the Yoga litter. Yoga and meditation has become more and more important in my life. The names are inspired by "The Ten Magic" by Sharon Gannon.


GIC S*SillyZone's Payne DVM
NFO ns 09 22
Date of birth: November 23, 2013
HCM: Tested normal, 01.02.2015, 13.03.2016 and 21.01.2018
GSD IV:Normal
PK Deficiency Normal (parents are tested

More pictures of Payne here










GIC (N)Ravnklo's Siri
NFO f 09 24
Date of birth: March 26, 2015
HCM: Tested normal, 20.07.2016 and 14.06.2018
GSD IV:Normal
PK Deficiency Normal (parents are tested)






Leela Female NFO f(s) 09 24 Sold
Shanti Female NFO fs 09 24 Sold
Jiva Female NFO ns 09 24 Sold
Dhyana Female NFO n(s) 24 Sold
Pingala Male NFO d(s) 09 24 In Cat Heaven


Newborn 1 w & 5 d 2 w & 5 d 3 w & 5 d 4 w & 5 d 6 weeks
7 w & 1 d 8 w & 1 d 9 w & 1 d 10 w & 1 d 12 weeks 13 weeks
14 weeks & 4 days          




When a Ravnklo kitten leaves home it will be:

  • around 15 weeks

  • registered and come with a pedigree from NRR (Norske Rasekatterklubbers Riksforbund), which is a member of FIFe (Fédération Internationale Féline)

  • twice vaccinated

  • dewormed several times

  • carrying a health certificate from a veterinarian

  • chipped
  • insured against hidden problems / faults for 5 years and one month after delivery
  • be pretty spoiled with lots of love and attention

The new owners will all get a sales contract from NRR which is legally valid. Besides they will get a booklet with a lot of information, kittenfood, some small toys and gifts.


If you're interested in a kitten, please mail or make a call. Due to the developement of the kittens, we will decide who's going to be the new owners when they are around 6-7 weeks.


We will always be available if you have any questions concerning the kittens /cats.



Phone: 0047-41306897

Kjellaug Skare