From years back

In my family there have always been lots of pets, especially cats. Looking at pictures from way back then, there's very often a cat or a dog around. Through my childhood we always had at least two black-and-white cats. They were all descendants from our first cat, Siri. Here are my first cats:


Siri was born just after me. She was a gentle housecat and was used to children playing with her, so she was always around. Perhaps she was most "famous" for nursing our dog, Rex, when he moved into our home. Quite a sight to watch Siri and her "son" who was twice as big as her. Siri died at the age of 10 of pneumonia.


This picture is taken in 1962 a typical one indeed, cause if we were going to take a photo, Siri had to be on it as well...



Pelle and Theo

Not a very good picture, but this shows Siri's daughter, Pelle,...with her son Theo. Pelle was born in 1962. We belived Pelle was a boy, and was quite surprised when we discovered she was pregnant! Anyway, we never changed her name. She lived til she was 9 years. Sadly Theo had a very short life.



Twiggy was born in the summer of 1967, and she died late autumn the same year. It was heartbraking, cause she died shortly after Siri, her grandmother. Twiggy ate rat poison. Those days it was quite common to put out that poison in barns, cellars etc. Terrible!




This is Fiffi, Pelle's daughter. She was born in 1968 and became 17 years old. A great cat and personality. She loved to join us for walks around the island where I was born. Her nickname was (in Norwegian) "More".



Thomas Rumcajs

Here is Fiffi with her daughter, and also a bit misunderstood (like her grandmother Pelle), Thomas Rumcajs. Rumcajs was a like a philosopher, she could sit for hours thinking. She died in my arms at the age of 15. This picture shows a brief look of Utsira, my island.




Truls I got when I lived in Oslo in 1975. He first lived with a family there, but then it was discovered that the children were allergic. He first moved in with my sister, then with me before I brought him home to my mother's. Those days I used to go to Norak's cat shows, and I remember that there were always Norwegian Forest Cats there, my favourites! The first owners said that Truls was a NFO, and that they had bought him somwhere. I don't know from where. Truls was blue and white and looked very much like a typical NFO, and not to froget : he had the most gently temper. He was tragically shot by someone who loved birds and hated cats. A great sorrow to me.

Above there is a picture of Truls with my brother. Fiffi and Thomas Rumcajs is in the background. The other picture is of Truls driking water. This is how he loved to have his water served.




In the 80's I started my own family, and in 1989 we bought our first cat ever for 500 NOK. I missed Truls a lot and wanted a cat like him. Sølvfaks moved in as a tiny kitten, and the people we bought him from said that he was a NFO. Today we doubt about that, but who cares!! He was all blue and lived a long and happy life. He died on my birthday in 2003, a very sad day. Only some months before he turned 15 he suddenly became ill, and we had to put him to sleep. What a great cat he was!!! His last two years he was totally deaf, but Alessi always took care of him when he felt for a walk around in the neighbourhood. What a sight they were!



Sølvfaks takes a little nap with our angeldoll.