April 5th: Sira's kittens are 17 weeks. Take a look at the new pictures here, - and some are still available (!)

Muskat is a playful & funny girl. She's a BIG & BEAUTIFUL NFO queen. She's a hidden treasure.


March 14th: New pictures of Sira's 14 weeks old kittens here.

Eirlys is becoming an elegant and beautiful NFO girl.



March 2nd: Still looking for homes for four of our little ones. New picture of Sira's 12 weeks and 2 days old kittens.

" I need a loving home very me!" Donovan are tired of waiting.


February 18th: Sira's kittens are sooo beautiful, and we think that it's too sad that these beautiful NFOs still don't have their forever homes. From Siri's litter Lulu is still for sale. She is the kindest & nicest cat soul!

Sira's kittens have already passed 10 weeks, and three of her kittens are still looking for their new homes. Here are the new pictures of our December litter.

(N)Ravnklo's Varg Viljesson, NFO n 09 22, is a strong, handsome and BIG male.


February 9th: Today Sira's kittens are 9 weeks & 1 day. New pictures on the kitten's site.

(N)Ravnklo's Muskatt Muskot, NFO n 09 24.



February 4th: Sira's kittens are 8 weeks and 3 days today. New pictures here.

(N)Ravnklo's Eirlys Glädje, NFO g 03 24



January 28th: Our December Night litter is 7 weeks and 3 days old. We have new piscutes here. Last Sunday Trille and Tobi went to live with a wonderful family on an isliand outside our city. Simone moved to Sweden yesterday where she's going to be a part of SE*ICONIC cattery where also daddy Vilje lives. Simone is going to live in a wonderful host family not far from Mora. The three of them have all settled down in their new homes, and we have no pictures of the two remaining ones this week. Here is the December Night litter:

From left: Eirlys Glädje, Varg Viljesson, Donovan Nótt, Muskatt Muskott and Tähti Måneskinn



January 21st: The Supermix litter has started to move. Here are the last pictures of them together. We also have new pictures of Sira's litter here.

(N)Ravnklo's Supermix litter with mum Siri.




January 7th: New pictures of Sira's & Siri's litters.

(N)Ravnklo's Tähti Måneskinn, NFO n 09 24


January 1st: Happy New Ywear! Our two beauriful litters have developed wonderfully this Christmas holiday. New pictures of Sira's & Siri's kittens were taken the first day of this year.

(N)Ravnklos's Donovan Nótt, NFO n 09 24, is as sweet as sugar.



December 17th: Busy time before Christmas, but we had some time for a photo session today. Siri's kittens are 10 weeks, and Sira's kittens are 1 week and 3 days.

(N)Ravnklo's Varg Viljesson, NFO n 09 22 - a very promising boy.


December 10th: A lot of photos of Siri's 9 weeks old kittens while they were playing around like kittens shall do. What a joy with all them around for Christmas.

Happy Holidays are just around the corner!


December 8th: Yesterday night Sira gave birth to her fourth and last litter. Pictures of our December Night litter here.

This little boy was the first one to arrive.


December 3rd: Our kittens are 8 weeks today. New oictures here.

Tobi Tøffing



November 26th: Our kittens are 7 week. New pictures here.

The SuperMixes from left: Simone Stark, Klara Klok, Tobi Tøffing, Trille Tulerusk and Lulu Viljesdatter.


November 19th: The kittens are 6 weeks today. New pictures here.

Klara has grown a lot since her first picture further down the page, - and we have realized she is an agouti cat as well as her siblings.



November 12th: The kittens are 5 weeks today. New pictures here.

The torties on a quiet Sunday morning.




November 5th: New pictures of our kittens today when they've turned 4 weeks.

(N)Ravnklo's Simone Stark


October 29th: Quite a surprise we had last Thursday! I suddenly saw that Lennon was not a boy, but a girl. So we had to give her a new name: Lulu Viljesdatter. What a laugh we had since we have talke about him as the really big and strong boy. Now we have a really big and strong girl!

The kittens are developing so great! They're so beautiful! New pictures are here.

Besides we are happy to announce that Sira will have her last litter in December. Please look at our plans.

Our new girl, (N)Ravnklo's Lulu Viljesdatter.


October 22nd: Our Supermix litter is 2 weeks today.

(N)Ravnklo's Trille Tullerusk


October 15th: Siri's kittens are 1 week today. Pictures here.

(N)Ravnklo's Tobi Tøffing



October 14th: We kave kittens! More information and pictures here. Besides we have new plans.

(N)Ravnklo's Klara Klok


August 23rd: Happy news today! We expect a new litter in our cattery. Please see our plans.


August 20th: It's been a long, long time since we've had any updates. January 4th 2023, my heart cat, Laura, crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She missed out her 14th birthday with 26 days. Laura was very, very special to me. From the day she came in to our home I was attached to her in a way no words can explain.

Laura had cancer, and she fought it twice. The third time it was impossible to do anything more, and we had to let her go. She will always stay in my heart and is deeply missed.

This year we hope for new Ravnklo's kittens in our home. We have decided that both Siri and Sira hopefully can have their fourth litter. Please check our new plans here.

Then we have lots of new pictures out. They are so many that you just have to look at the page of the cats you want to see updates on.

Queen of all Queens, LAURA, 30.01.2009 - 04.01.2023


No litters this year. We lived a quiet life with our five cats.


We had two litters in our cattery this year. For the first time we had a host litter, and then we had one litter of kittens growing up in our house. Siri's kittens, who were born in late in 2020, also lived with us the first part of the year before they left for their new families.


October 5th: Tomorrow Salah, Mimir and Amor will leave for their new homes. On Sunday it's Toivo's turn to meet his new family. We're still looking for a new home for Amandla. This lovely purring machines have been a dream from day one. We wish them all the best in their new homes. Please take a look a the new pictures here.

We've also updated with new show results.

From left: Toivo, Salah, Amandla, Amor and Mimir



September 22nd: In two weeks most of the kittens have left for their new homes. Please look at the new pictures of Sira's wonderful kittens. We're amazed by their great developement!

(N)Ravnklo's Toivo will soon go to live with his halfbrother, Pablo Picatso.

Toivo is the most charming, purring machine ever.


September 12th: New pictures of The Virtues here.

What a jump!!!


September 5th: New pictures of Sira's kittens here. Then Kyrie Gloria from our Host litter has moved to Germany. She went to her first show at Jyrak in Denmark and had ex 1 and BIV! What results for a kitten who just passed 4 months! More information on Gloria's page and here. Also a new picture of Quintus. Also a new picture of . We have now found wonderful homes for 4 of Sira's kittens. Amandla is still for sale.

(N)Ravnklo's Amandla, NFO f 09 22, is still for sale.


August 28th: New pictures of Sira's wonderful litter here. Then we have some great results from Jærkattens show two weeks ago. Siri was BIV, NOM and BIS on both shows so we were extremely proud. Siri's daughter from her last litter, Sól, also attended the show with really good results. See pictures from the show here and here. Also we have new information and a picture of Carla Bley from Sira's "Pictures In Our Home"-litter.

Our Siri won BIS x 2 at Jærkatten's show in August. She's such a strong NFO girl.



August 22nd: New pictures here.



August 13th: New pictures of Sira's kittens here.

(N)Ravnklo's Amor is our Mr. Charming.



August 6th: New pictures of Sira's sweethearts here.

(N)Ravnklo's Salah with his great eyes.


July 30th: Here are some new pictures of Sira's lovely kittens. Today they are 5 weeks and 2 days.

(N)Ravnklo's Mimir, the Gentle Giant in this litter.



July 20th: We have new pictures of Sira's kittens who are 4 weeks today. They are so adorable!

(N)Ravnklo's Toivo, a very happy and outgoing guy.


July 15th: Here are some new pictures of our two litters. First the Virtues who are 3 weeks now. Then we have new pictures of two of the kittens from our Host litter, Beatitudo Praeveniens Lykke and Kyrie Gloria. Kyrie Gloria is still for sale.

This beautiful girl, (N)Ravnklo's Kyrie Gloria, NFO f 09 24, is for sale.



July 4th: Finally some new pictures of Sira's kittens, The Virtues and some information here.

(N)Ravnklo's Amandla, NFO 09 22, from Sira's last litter.



July 1th:

New pictures of the host litter.


June 26th: Let's also introduce our Host litter. You will find pictures and more information here and here.

From left: Quintus, Sine, Gloria and Lykke


June 26th: Updated with som new pictures of lovely Liseli. She will go to Germany in the beginning of July.



June 23rd: Sira gave birth to five beautiful kittens. Look here at the new pictures of them. Our Light litter has now got their own page. Besides we have a wonderful host litter in Bømlo. We'll come with more information about them, plus pictures before this week end.


March 7th: Take a look at Siri's beautiful litter soon ready to leave for new homes here.

From left: Liseli, Luciana, Neirin & Sól



February 28th: New pictures of the kittens here.

Neirin and all his siblings have the most amazing temper.

Such poweful and gentle souls!



February 22nd: New pictures of Siri's kitens here.

Due to the corona situation Liseli will stay a bit longer with us before she moves to her new home. It will be a pleasure to keep her a bit longer!


February 14th: New pictures of our kittens here.

Sól, a very gentle cat soul. She's going to live in Stavanger.



February 7th: New pictures of our cuties here.



January 31st: We are so happy that now the kittens all have foud new homes. Today they are 9 weeks and 3 days, and we think they are stunning. Please take a look at the new pictures here. Also check out our plans.

From left: Liseli, Luciana, Neirin and Sól



January 24th, 2021: It's been nearly two months now since the worst for every cat lover happened. Our dearest, fantastic, amazing and beautiful Ylva-li crossed the Rainbow Bridge. On the day Siri's kittens were 1 week old, Ylva-li suddenly had a stroke and was unable to walk. We had to let her go after the vet had examined her and gave us no hope. In the middle of all the joy our kittens bring us, we grief and miss this very special cat soul. Ylva-li will always have a special place in our heart together with all our other missed ones.

Run free, dearest Ylva-li!


January 23rd, 2021: New pictures of our wonderful litter here.

This week Neirin had a visit from his new owner. This is always exciting. She loved him immediatly!


January 17th, 2021: The kittens are 7 weeks and 3 days today. New pictures here.

Liseli, a true beauty.



January 8th, 2021: Siri's kittens are today 6 weeks and 1 day old. Look at the new pictures here.

Sól is a special tortie girl and a loving soul.



Our cattery lost dearest Ylva-li in a stroke in December, - a great loss to us all. She was a our guard cat.

Siri gave birth to her third litter in November.


December 30th, 2020: New pictures of the kittens here.

From left, Liseli, Luciana, Neirin and Sól



December 18th, 2020: New pictures of our beautiful kittens here.

Luciana, a funseeking sweetheart.


December 10th, 2020: It's been a special week in our cattery. It's a joy to have Siri's kittens around and watch them open their eyes and becoming cuter day by day. Today they are two weeks.

We have also experienced grief and sorrow these days. A week ago we had to let our dearest Ylva-li cross the Rainbow Bridge. All of a sudden she had a brain stroke and was unable to walk. She was immediatly brougt to the vet, but there was nothing they could do. We had to let her go, and since then tears have been many. We miss her so much, her mother Laura has been looking for her all over the house and outside. Ylva-li was a much loved cat for everyone in our home.

SC Ravnklo's Ylva-li, NFO n 09 24. 22.02.2010 - 03.12.2020


December 3rd 2020: New pictures of our 1 week old kittens.

(N)Ravnklo's Neirin, the only boy in Siri's litter.



November 30th 2020: The front picture today is of Carla Bley from Sira's second litter, born in 2018. She looks amazing. Then we have one more new picture of her here, and not to forget, Gygrid, living in the same family in Stavanger. He's 14 1/2 years old now and still looks so handsome!

Four days ago Siri had her third litter. It's wonderful to have kittens in the house again. It will be lovely to follow their development day by day! Please take a look at the new pictures from when they were newborn, one day old and more information on our kitten page.

October 10th 2020: Finally an update of our website! Our two last litters have now got their own pages, plus a page for each of the kittens / cats: Pictures in our Home litter and The Yoga litter. There are new pictures of Laura, Ylva-li, Árja, Georges, Siri, Sira, Pablo Picatso, Frida Catlo, Carla Bley, Shadow, Leela/Kajsa, Shanti, Jiva, Dhyana, Moffen and Jan Mayen / Sammy. Please also take a look at our new plans.

The wild look of Laura, my heart.



January 13th: Busy days lately so no time for photos before today. Today we have taken som really lovely ones of the whole Yoga-litter and even managed to have some of them all together. Please take a look at them here. On Wedesday the first one leaves, and the week after the rest of them will go. Also we have some pictures of Laura, who was number 3 Veteran in Årets Katt in NRR 2018. Frida Catlo is still waiting for her new home.

From left: Dhyana, Jiva, Shanti and Leela



January 1st, 2019: Happy New Year!! Last week it was decided which family Jiva is going to move to. We're so happy for her new home! New pictures of The Yoga litter and also some of Frida Catlo. who is still lookng for her new home.

Jiva finally found her new family in Stavanger!


December 25th: New photos of Siri's kittens here, and Sira's kittens here.

Looking for their toy


December 12th: Time to leave for our oldest kittens. We have new pictures of the two litters here & here.

Our 20th litter. From left: Shadow, Pablo Picatso, Carla Bley and Frida Catlo


December 5th: It's rock'n jazz or roll time!!! Carla Bley has her name from a famous jazz musician, and she really has the beat... New pictures of Sira's kittens here - and Siri's kittens here.



November 28th: Beautiful Frida Catlo is still for sale to the right owners. Then we have new pictures. A lot of them, in fact. You'll find Sira's kittens here, and Siri's daughters here.

Frida Catlo, NFO f 24, is still for sale to the right owners.


November 21st: It's getting colder outside, while our cats and kittens love the warmth in our house. New pictures today of Sira's kitten here, and Siri's kittens here.

From left: Leela, Dhyana, Jiva and Shanti


November 14th: Today Sira's kittens are 11 weeks! Please take a look at the new pictures here. Really strange to know that within some weeks they will be living in their new homes. They've made our world bright this autumn.

The two beautiful sisters, (N)Ravnklo's Carla Bley, NFO n 09 22, and (N)Ravnklo's On This Earth, A Shadow Falls, NFO n 09 24.


November 13th: Last Sunday we didn't have time for pictures, so we're back to take new ones for their weekly birthday. Most of the kittens now have homes or people who are considering whether to become owned by one of these beauties or not. Siri's kittens at 6 weeks here. Pictures of Sira's kittens will come tomorrow.

Shanti is testing a toy while Pablo Picatso is looking cool.


November 4th: It's getting darker and darker outside as the autumn has entered its last month. In only one and a half month the sun will turn again. The kittens give us lots of love and light every day! Please take a look at the new pictures of Sira's litter here, and Siri's litter here.

(N)Ravnklo's Jiva, NFO ns 09 24, is a very sweet and talkative silver girl.


October 28th: This Sunday we have wathced World Winner Show from Tampere in Finland. How great to see all the beautiful NFOs!!! Then we also had time for pictures of our beautiful kittens. Take a look at Siri's kittens here, and Sira's kittens here.

(N)Ravnklo's Dhyana, NFO ns 24. Her coat has turned more and more white by the roots, so it looks like she's a silver girl too.



October 21st: This week we decided that one of the kittens needed another name. The beautiful silver and white girl in Siri's litter is no longer called Pushti, but is now JIVA. New pictures of Sira's kittens here - and of Siri's kittens here.

(N)Ravnklo's Shanti, NFO fs 09 24, is a most stunning girl!


October 14th: Only two days after we'd taken our last pictures of Pingala from Siri's litter, he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We have very seldom experienced loosing small kittens, so it was really, really hard for us. The vet tried to save him, but we had to let him go. He has left a deep pawprint in our hearts.

Through these sad days it has been great to be around all the other kittens. They are all sooooo wonderful! Look at the new pictures of Sira's kittens here, and of Siri's kittens here.

Here is Leela from Siri's litter. We think she might be a silver torti. A lovely girl.



October 4th: We have new kittens! Siri gave birth to 5 beautiful kittens October 2nd. They will be called Ravnklo's Yoga litter. Pictures of them here and more info here. Ravnklo's Pictures In Our Home litter have already become 5 weeks. New pictures of them here. They all look amazing!

(N)Ravnklo's Pingala, NFO d(s) 09 24 - the only male in the litter.



September 26th: New pictures of our beautiful four weeks old kittens here.

(N)Ravnklo's Frida Catlo, NFO f 09 24



September 19th: The kittens are developing wonderfully! 3 weeks old and sweet as sugar. New pictures here.

(N)Ravnklo's Shadow, NFO n 09 24, a tough little girl already.


September 12th: Eyes have opened, they can hear and mum Sira loves

them with every cell in her body. So do we! New pictures here.

(N)Ravnklo's Carla Bley, NFO n 09 22, a charming sweetheart.


September 5th: It's great to have kittens in our house again, - even if they only eat and sleep. More pictures here:

Pablo Picatso, the strong boy in the litter.


September 1st: We have kittens!!! Our 20th litter, called "Pictures In Our Home" was born August 29th. In one hour and five minutes they were all out. Sira is indeed a very efficient mother! Please take a look at the pictures here.

Sira with her four kittens


June 4th: Finally some plans for new Ravnklo kittens! We are deeply grateful to Britt and Frode Thomassen at "av Oseberg" for making it possible for our Sira to meet their handsome S*Zygot's Walter, NFO n 24. Then we are also deeply grateful to Hanna Sandin at S*Silent Hills for letting our Siri meet her silver prince, S*SillyZone's Payne DVM, NFO ns 09 22. Please look at our plans here.


May 21st: Oh, yes! It's been ages since our last updates! We have been to two shows these last five months. You'll find the results here.

Then we have some exciting plans. Please take a look here.


At Voss we also got the awards from our club, Vestlandets Katteklubb - VKK. We're so proud of the results, also since we competed with cats and breedings from all catergories.

Our results in VKK- 2017:

Georges - Best Neuter male

Siri - Best Female

Laura - Best Veteran

Ravnklo's breeding - Best breeding

Laura turned 9 in January. She was Best Veteran in our club, VKK, in 2017.



January 1st 2018: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Last year our cattery had some great results at catshows which made some of them climb on the list of results in NRR. Laura attended her last show in June, so she didn't join us on our travels the last six months. We are just as proud of our "homesitters" as of our showcats. They all bring us lots of joy every day, and we love them deeply.

Our results from "The Cat of the Year" in NRR - 2017:

Georges - number 2, Neuter males, cat. II

Siri - number 9, Females, cat. II

Sira - number 20, Females, cat. II

Laura - number 15, Neuter females, cat. II & number 7, Veterans

Ravnklo's breeding - number 2, cat, II


October 8th: Finally some updates! Here are some New showresults from Sørak's and Rorak's shows. At Sørak we met Baby Blue and at Rorak we met Moffen & Jan Mayen. Great to see Sira's & Siri's offsprings again!!! Here are the handsome brothers Moffen & Jan Mayen living almost in our neighbourhood. New pictures: Moffen, Jan Mayen and Georges.


July 3rd: New pictures of Laura, Ylva-li, Árja, Georges, Sira & Siri. We also have results from Värmland Kattklubb's show in Karlstad, Sweden, last week end. New titles for Georges and Siri, and Georges was also nominated both days.


June 28th: Dear funny, loving, adorable, "always talking", gentle and darling Nanna crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.



June 23rd: Finally updates! Our "Island Boys & Girls litter" and our "Dylan litter" have now got their own pages. We also have showresults from VVK's show in Voss and from SWS in Trondheim. Under is a picture of CH (N)Ravnklo's Vacha who was Best Breeding Female in category II in NRR, 2016! Many thanks to Odd Kåre Remmen and Edvin Vågstøl at (N)Stølsgarden's for the great work they do as breeders and for choosing Mr. Right to darling Vacha!



March 5th: Showresults from BERAK in Bergen two weeks ago. In Bergen we also met several of Laura's relatives. From right it's Laura & me. Then Edvin is holding her daughter, Ravnklo's Vacha living at (N) Stølsgarden's. Vacha's son, (N) Stølsgarden's Maximilliano is held by Odd Kåre. Max' daughter, NO*Havstrilen's Enya is living at (NO)*Sogningen's, and here she is together with Katrine, the owner. Great to see these four generations of cats together.


February 12th: This Sunday we took some new pictures of Sira's beautiful kittens. Tomorrow they will be 14 weeks, and in fact, sister Lily has already moved in with her new family. Next week three more of them will go, and before we reach the end of the month, they will all be living with their new families.

Having kittens in our home is always very busy. There's always a lot of joy, a lot of work, we meet new people and some of them also get close friends. At the same time we feel greatful and humble that we can be a part of the developement of our wonderful national cat, The Norwegian Forest Cat. We wish all the kittens from Siri's & Sira's litters all the best in their new homes. Some of them will be seen at shows, some will part of a breeding programme, and all of them will be members of wonderful families!

Handy Dandy is waiting for spring and will have a wonderful home with a family not far from Stavanger.


January 29th: Oh, yes! Today we tried to take a "family photo" of the Dylans. Not the easiest thing to do since they were in their playful mood. We managed to take some pictures of them anyway, so please take a look here. Then some photos of Molla who's leaving for her new home next week end.

From left: Rubin the Hurrican, Handy Dandy, Ruby Brownsville Girl, Woodie Guthrie, Baby Blue and Lily.


January 22nd: It's wonderful to have reports from the new homes of the four, from our "Island Boys & Girls" litter, who left last week end. They are all in wonderful homes, and we are very greatful! Under we see Moffen and Sammi (Jan Mayen) who live together. It's a gift to get such amazing photos and happy reports. Now someone has shown an interest in beautiful Molla too, and we really hope that she will get her own home like her brothers and sisters very soon. Photos of her taken today and photos of her siblings here.

Our Dylan litter is getting closer and closer to departure. On Wendesday they will have their first health control and their first vaccine. Tomorrow they will be 11 weeks. Two of the boys are still looking for their own home.


January 15th: 4 of Siri's kittens have now left for their new homes, and they are all wonderful with their new families. Sister Molla is still looking for her own home. Tomorrow the Dylans are 10 weeks, and we took some photos today since it's easier without a flash.

Molla is still for sale.


January 12th: This week 4 of the Island Boys & Girls will move to their new families. They have already passed 14 weeks and are very ready to find their own kingdom. As always it's been a great time watch them grow from tiny, tiny newborns into happy and curious kittens ready to conquer the world! The best of luch to you all! We've also tried to take photos of them all together, which is quite a challenge. Take a look here.

From left: Mosken, Vega, Jan Mayen, Molla and Moffen


January 8th: Due to the fact that taking pictures of kittens late in the evenings during winter time don't serve them right, we decided to have a photo session this week end while the sun was up. Do here they are again, Siri's and Sira's wonderful kittens. This is the last week end they are all together, and having a nap together like they are used to, will soon become a dream from childhood days.



January 4th, 2017: Siri's kittens are 13 weeks and ready to move to their new homes when they've had their last vaccinations next week. Sira's kittens are 8 weeks & 2 days and still have some weeks left before they move into their new homes.

Handy Dandy, Woodie Guthrie and Baby Blue



December 29th December: New Year is just around the corner, and we had a new photo session today since it was too busy around Christmas. Siri's kittens have reached 12 weeks and 1 day already. It's amazing how fast these weeks have gone. Sira's kittens have learnt how to run and charm the world. Look at Baby Blue on the picture below.

Baby Blue knows how to melt our hearts.



December 19th: The days have been really, really busy lately. We did not have time for pictures last week, but here are photo taken this evening og Siri's & Sira's kittens. They are all wonderful.

Ruby Brownsville Girl, Sira's daughter.


December 7th: So we decided to take pictures of all the kittens today. The Dylan litter is 4 weeks and 2 days, and The Island Boys & Girls are 9 weeks.

Handy Dandy is a proud and strong boy.



November 30th: Siri's kittens are 8 weeks already.

Moffen is the leader of the gang.


November 28th: Sira's kittens are 3 weeks today, and have started to get to know their cousins.

Lily and cousin Moffen


November 23rd: Life brings us through lots of emotions. Here's "joy and happiness" presented by Molla. She and her siblings are 7 weeks today.



November 21st: It was with great sadness we earlier today received the message that dearest Edda had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was a very, very special cat that left paw prints on everyone's heart. She has been a pride for our cattery and has been rewarded lots of prices. At the age of 12 years and 2 moths she was awarded Vestlandsfanden for the second time. She was loved by the judge, and she had the most wonderful way of showing herself on the table. But most of all she was Edda, Gro and Henning's beloved cat, the Revered Guardian and Queen of the Breakfasttable. Their very special soulmate. She always remembered us when we came to visit them in Bergen. It was always a joy to be around her. RIP dear Edda. We will always keep the memories of you in our hearts.

New pictures of our Dylan litter.

SP/GIC (N)Ravnklo's Edda NFO ns 09 23.03.2004 - 21.11.2016


Together with Gro & Henning when she was awarded "Vestlandsfanden 2016"



November 16th: Lots of new pictures today. The Dylans are 1 week and 2 days, while the Island Boys & Girls are 6 weeks today.

Our proud mother Sira with her 6 beautiful kittens.


November 9th: Siri's litter is 5 weeks today, & Sira's kittens are two days. We had a photosession of them all.

Vega, NFO d 24


November 8th: Sira gave birth to 6 kittens yesterday! The birth took 1 1/2 hour, a really quick happening. Please take a look at the pictures of them.

Baby Blue, NFO f 09 22/24


November 2nd: 4 weeks and yet another photosession.

"Me??????? I did not do it..." Mosken knows how to melt hearts.


October 26th: The kittens are 3 weeks today and mother Siri is always around them, - even at photosessions.

Vega with mum on her head.


October 13th 2016: Finally updates!!!! Where to start? After a long silence, we're almost back in the ring again. First of all we have a newborn litter and another one coming up in some weeks. Then we spent the spring redecorating our house, and this summer /early autumn we finished a new catrun. At the same time we decided to have a time out from shows and concentrate on breeding instead. A LOT of updates on different pages: Nanna, Laura, Ylva-li, Árja, Georges, Sira, Siri, Plans, our kittens were newborn last week, and they are 1 week & 1 day today.

Árja in her winter coat, winter 2016.


February 7th 2016: New showresults


October 27th: Last week end we went to the World Show in Malmö! WOW!!! What an experience!! Look at the results here. Also new pictures of Wilma, Rex and Elmer.



October 12th: The Fishing Banks litter is 1 year today. CONGRATULATIONS!! New pictures of Viking, Wilma and Georges who now both are fathers of 5 kittens each.



October 6th: First a picture of Memphis Blues ( to the right) and some of his offsprings on Iceland. This beautiful male is now Distinguished Show Merit, and we are very, very proud of him. Besides we have lots of updates: Showresults and new pictures of Laura, Vacha, Siri, Sira, Daffy, Elmer and Rex.


September 7th: Lots of updates on our website. Memories II now has their own litter page. All the kittens have found the most wonderful homes, and I'm very happy with the new families! We've also been to Sørak's show in Kristiansand. Wonderful to see our young ones there!! Other news from our cattery: Georges is going to become a father at Kloa's cattery in a couple of weeks. We're so excited about Fabiola's and his kittens! At last, we have chosen to neuter our beautiful Ylva-li. She is the proud mother of 13 wonderful NFO's where four of them have, are or will be breeding. Memphis Blues on Iceland, Boxer had one litter in Norway, Stella Polaris in Norway, Sirius in Germany and Rex in Switzerland. We think she has given lots of gold to the NFO world.


August 19th: Ylva-li's kittens are moving one by one. This week-end Lord and Mr. Nelson are going to their new homes in Stavanger. Next Friday Rex will be collected by a breeder to go to live abroad, and then Daffy is still looking for his new home. He's such a gentle star, and I really hope to find a loving home for him too. Look at the new pictures here.


August 16th: Lots of updates on our homepage! Then we have the beautiful male, Daffy, from our last litter for sale again. He's such a sweet, sweet boy. New pictures of our Memories I & II litter will be out on Wendesday. Below a picture taken of Daffy today.



July 28th: Some new pictures of our young ones. Ylva-li's litter will be 12 weeks tomorrow. Then Georges is becoming a mature male with the lovliest temper and amazing personality. Beneath is a picture of our two tortie beauties, Siri and Sira. They turned 4 months just some days ago.



July 19th: 4 of Ylva-li's kittens have found their own home. I'm very happy for all the wonderful families that will have a Ravnklo kittens as their new family member! Only Lord is still looking for a new home. Here he is, a very handsome NFO! We have been very busy lately so the pictures are a bit late this time.



July 9th: The Memories II litter was 9 weeks yesterday. We also managed to take a picture of them together for the first time. Some of them are still available. Please take a look here.

Daffy, Lord, Mr. Nelson, Rex and Elmer


July 2nd: Very, very hot day today! 30 degrees Celsius is too much for a kittens! Playing with the others is nearly impossible. Under is Lord, too tired to do anything. The kittens are 8 weeks and are looking for new homes.

June 24th: Midsummmer, and sun till late in the evening. The kittens love the sun coming in through our living room window till long after bedtime. There'll be no pictures of Sira and Siri this week. I will work on their own pages later. Below is Elmer.




June 19th: I went to the vet yesterday for the first vaccination of our twin sisters. I also brought Mimmi, and she returned as Elmer! I had been suspicious for some time wondering if Mimmi might be a boy, and the vet found her/his balls, and then the rest is history. So we now have another male litter from Ylva-li and Charlie, and they are all goregous with the greates temper ever!! 6 weeks already! Besides, our beautiful twin sisters are already 12 weeks...and irresistible!!



June 11th: Finally some nice summer weather in Stavanger. These pictures are just a "quick-fix". Hope you'll enjoy them! Our kittens are now 5 and 11 weeks. Also some show news. Here's Mr. Nelson!



May 31st: New pictures of Georges.


May 28th: Not easy to be a breeder always, and not easy to decide the gender of the kittens sometimes either... I've done it again! Stella is clearly not a female, but a male! He will be named Daffy, and he's a beautiful blotched tabby boy like his father. Here are the new pictures of our Memories I and Memories II litters. Enjoy our kittens!

"Huh, me ...a boy??? Ok!" Daffy is a funny little kitten!



May 24th: While I have been babysitting the kittens this week end, Åge went to Voss to attend our club's yearly show. Georges has just started to compete in class 11, and even if he is a very big boy that already has passed 5 kilos, he's still a kitten in his head. He got his first BIV on Sunday! Edda was also attending the show, and was BIS Veteran both days! The judges were really amazed by this Grand Old Lady, here super condition and the way she behaved. She's indeed a true show cat! CONGRATULATIONS!!!



May 21st: Ylva-li's kittens are 2 weeks and have started to be more interested in the world outside the bedroom. Laura's girls are 8 weeks and are having great adventures exploring the house room by room. On the picture below we can see Lord, one of Ylva-li's Gentle Giants.



May 14th: Two beautiful litters, our Memory I and Memory II litter had their photo session today. Below we have Rex, one of the boys, with his extraordinay boning. Look at that paws for a one week year old!!


May 7th: We're recovering from the happy day yesterday when the Ravnklo family grew with 5 new members. Today our twin sisters are 6 weeks. They are adorable from here to the moon :) Two of our cats living in other families, have litters now. It's Sirius at "av Barnedroem" in Germany, and Vacha at (N) Stølsgarden's near Bergen. Then we also have plans for Georges who are going to meet the beautiful silver girl, (N)Kloa's Fabiola at (N)Kloa’s near Bergen. Look at the plans here.

Siri and Sira at 6 weeks



May 6th: Today Ylva-li gave us Ravnklo's 17th litter! 5 beautiful kittens were born this morning. Please take a look at the kitten page for more information, and look at the new pictures here. Here is Mr. Nelson:



April 30th: Siri and Sira are 5 weeks today. Siri has started to eat normal catfood, while Sira still has milk from mum as her favourite.

Siri shows how much she has grown lately.



April 23rd: 4 weeks today, and our little kittens have started to run around. It's fun!!


April 16th: Our two little girls are 3 weeks today. They are amazing kittens, we think! Here's also a new picture of Wilma from our last litter. Thanks, Anne!



April 12th: The Fishing Banks litter is 6 months today. Congratulations!!! Here's Georges, still living at home. He's so lovable, and it's still hard to decide if he's going to move to a host family.



April 9th: Photo sessions are boooooring!!!!! Besides, this week the pictures are taken by me, and my skills as a photographer are not the best :) Anyway, I managed to take some photos of the two sweethearts now when they're 2 weeks. I've also got some wonderful pictures of Sirius' / Susi's litter in Germany. Since she's an amber carrier and the father of the litter is amber, two of the kittens are amber. Please look at the pictures here.



April 3rd: Two sweethearts



April 2nd: Laura's girls are 1 week. Here's Sira:



March 27th: New pictures of Viking, Wilma and Georges from the the Fishingbanks litter.


March 26th: We have two sister again in our cattery. Today Laura gave birth to our 16th litter, the Memory I litter. Sira and Siri will both be our new breeding queens. Look at the pictures here, and please also feel free to read about the story of this litter.


March 23rd: Nanna and Edda from our 5th litter, the Norse litter, is 11 years today! They're the BEST!!! Congratulations!!

Nanna is ok by being 11 years old!


March 22nd: Too busy days have made the updating a bit slow, so here are some "old" and some recent news. First of all we have had great news from Iceland! Memphis Blues is continuing his success at shows. He was BIS both days at Kynkjakettir's shows, 7th and 8th of March!! We are so very proud of him! Since his mother, Ylva-li, didn't have any success on her dates in Denmark, we decided to try the combination from our "Songs and Poems" litter, where Memphis Blues was one of the beautiful males, one more time. In February EC (N)Lottehuset's Charlie came for a date, and in the beginning of May we expect Ylva-li to give birth to her kittens. Please look at our plans. Then we got a new picture of Vacha from our Sami litter. She looks gorgeous! Last week end I went to Skogkattmesterskapet in Oslo. Skogkattringen celebrated its 40th anniversary, and since I was in Oslo anyway, I brought Georges to the show. He had a great judgement from Maud Olsson, and in the side classes Anne Köhn chose him to be the cat with the best profile. In the panel he was beaten by a grown up male. I was very, very proud of his nomination!! Finally, our Norse litter, turn 11 years tomorrow, and it's great to show a picture of Edda, showing some of her greatest awards from the show year 2014. She was number 2 of the Veterans in cat.2, The Cat of the Year, in NRR. Then she was Best Neuter and Best Veteran in Cat. 2 in Hansakatten in Bergen. Congratulations and love to all our cats all over the world!!!

GIC/SP (N)Ravnklo's Edda the day before her 11th birthday!


IC (N) Ravnklo's Memphis Blues living on Iceland.


February 28th: New litter page: The Fishing Banks. Some new pictures here of Viking and Wilma /Rockall. They are both very dear members in their families, and it's wonderful to see how happy they are.



February 22nd: In a few days our Sami litter will be 2 years. Congratulations to Árja, Vacha, Čahki, Čáiddas and Beaivi! You can see a picture of gorgeous Čáiddas belowe. Thanks to Patti for the other pictures as well! You can see them here. Also thanks to Lise for the new pictures of Beaivi and Čahki. Then our Shining Stars was 2 years at the end of January. Stella Polaris had her first litter in 2014, and in February Sirius is expecting her first kittens. We got some great pictures from Michael at av Barnedroem that you can see here.

Last week end we went to Bergen and visited Berak's show. We're so proud of all the results! In Bergen we also met Daniela Gallati, the proud owner of Viking from Árja

's litter. He now lives in Switzerland, at the cattery Norwegishe Waldkatzen av AndelasWe are so happy the homes we have found for our dear Rockall, now Wilma, and Viking! Georges is still a home boy. Then we are very, very ecited about our plans coming in to reality. Laura is expecting kittens in March, and we are thrilled!!

February 5th:Just some pictures of the two brothers in the middle of the week. Viking has a little bit over one more week before he leaves Norway.



January 21st: The last night with the gang. Rockall is leaving for her new home tomorrow. GOOD LUCK!!



January 11th: Only 13 weeks ago each of them could lie in my hand... I'm struck by their always..We tried to take a picture of them together, but they were too busy.



January 4th 2015: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Today our darling kittens are 12 weeks. They've had their first date with the vet, and has got their first vaccination. We are so very proud of them all!!! Again, lots of thanks to to Josephine Norman at SE*Fjärilsflickans for making this possible! We are so grateful that our Árja could meet your lovely Nevada!

It also looks like our Ylva-li is going to have kittens around February 15th or 16th. The second visit to Denmark seems to have brought her into happy circumstances. Then Laura's trip to Sweden to have a date isn't too far away either. HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY and very exciting!!!! Look at our plans here.



December 29th: 11 weeks and 1 day. Here are the new pictures.



December 22nd: Just a few pictures of the kittens when they're ten weeks and one day



December 14th: Georges is 9 weeks, and is growing to be a male that knows how to take life in a laid back style. Look at the new pictures of our Flying Norwegians here.



December 7th: Viking is 8 weeks, and is growing more and more handsome. Look at pictures of the whole litter here. All the kittens have really nice weights.



November 30th: In 7 weeks two of the kittens have reached over 1000 grammes, and Rockall is just below that. Always strange to look back and remember how small they were 7 weeks ago. It looks like they will all grow up to be big NFOs! There are new pictures of our Fishing Banks litter here. Below is Rockall, the only girl with tons of charm.



November 23rd: Today the kittens are 6 weeks. Time flies! We've also got pictures of Stella Polaris' first kittens. She lives with Vigdis at NO*Ultvedtkatten's. Look at the pictures here.



November 16th: This handsome prince, (N) Ravnklo's Beaivi, was BIS Neuter at Hansakatten's show November 16th. Congratulations to his owner, Lise Opshaug!!! He's from Laura's last litter. Edda also became BIS Veteran both days. Congratulations to Gro and Henning Husebø!!! The results are here. New pictures of our kittens. 5 weeks already!!!


November 9th: Árja's kittens are 4 weeks. We're in love with them all!



November 2nd: New pictures of our kittens. They are now 3 weeks. Below is Georges who has become Mister Big.




October 26th: New pictures of our lovely, 2 weeks old kittens. Below you can see Viking.



October 19th: The litter is 1 week and below you can see a picture of Rockall. All of them are developing great! Ylva-li is also back from her date in Denmark. Look at our plans. In two weeks we can tell if the trip has been successful.



October 17th: October 15th we had another sad day in our cattery. We lost Árja's little girl, Biscaya, due to cleft palate. Also we decided to change one of the kittens' name.


October 12th: This last week has been like a roller coaster in our cattery. Last week end we went to Rorak's show and had great results there. We also had wonderful news from Iceland. You can see the results here. On Tuesday we woke up, and Frøya was really sick. She wouldn't eat anything and was in pain. We had to take the tough decision and let her cross the Rainbow Bridge. Then Ylva-li came in heat, and Åge went to Denmark with her on Thursday. The news we've heard from Denmark is that CH DK*Naturell's Longbeard and Ylva-li have had great days together. We hope to see some results from this date in December. Then, last night and this morning, Árja gave birth to four beautiful kittens. We look forward to more quiet days ahead; to find time to grief our dear, dear Frøya, and be happy and get to know the little ones that has been given us.



September 2nd: It looks like we can expect new Ravnklo's kittens in week 41. Árja
and Nevada are going to be parents!!! We have also received pictures of Ylva-li's most handsome son, Memphis Blues, living on Iceland. He's a bit over 2 1/2 years now and adorable!! Thanks Áslaug for the beautiful pictures!

August 10th: Árja has met Nevada at SE*Fjärilflickan's. Look at this great photo his breeder, Josephine Norman, made! This is how we expect the kittens to become if everything turns out successfully :) Please take a look at our plans as well for more information. Late August we will know if their date will give results.


Since it's been a while since we've updated our website, we have some show results and

Árja also had her first HCM-test in June which showed she had a healthy heart. Then we're very proud of Edda who was awarded the Vestlandsfanden at Vestlandets Katteklubb's show in Voss. This show, Kanutten, living with my brother on Utsira, also attended. We needed cats to fill up the show, so we thought we could give her a try to go to a show for the first time in many years. To be honest, she's more happy when she can run around on the island, but she got both her certificates.



May 6th: We've found a male for Árja!! If everything works out as we plan, they'll meet in June. Look here for more information.



April 6th: Happy, happy, happy!!! The three sisters Nanna, Frøya and Edda turned 10 years March 23rd. Look at the new pictures of Nanna and Frøya. Then Edda was BIS Veteran in Bergen today!! Thanks to Gro and Henning for showing her so great! She's indeed a Grand Old Lady! Besides we have also found the perfect partner for Ylva-li. Look at our plans!



March 12th: We celebrate our big and lovely beauty, Ylva-li, who got her Supreme Champion title at Stockholm Kattklubb's show in Sollentuna last week-end!!! Both days she was also BIV and NOM! She really deserves these awards, we think. At the same show we also met Laura's new boyfriend and his wonderful owner. Please look at our plans. This litter we will look SO much forward to!!!


February 18th: We've got some lovely pictures of the handsome Čáiddas. Thanks Patti!! He's amazing!!! Please take a look here. Last week end we went to a show in Bergen. It was great to meet Beaivi, Čahki, Vacha and the owners again!! We had a great time with great results for the cats. Take a look here. No males in mind for the moment, but take a look at our plans anyway...

(N) Ravnklo's Čáiddas



December 10th: (N)Ravnklo's Vacha, owned by Odd Kåre Remme and Edvin Vågstøl, was BIS 6 - 10 and Best of the Best at Vestlandskatten's hobby show in Os, near Bergen, November 30th. She is the first cat in the world to get the title, "Vestlandskatten"! We are very proud! Also new pictures of Beaivi, Čahki and Čáiddas.

This autumn our cats have been to several shows. Please take a look here. We are so proud of Memphis Blues' two Best In Shows on Iceland in October! His children are also doing great. Ylva-li's daughters, Sirius and Stella Polaris, have also been nominated at their first shows in Germany and in Oslo. They're so promising.

Since Árja moved back home we've been thinking a lot about how we can give her the best life. It's been troublesome for us to let her move into yet another home, so we've decided that she's going to stay at least till she has had her first litter. She's so happy to be home again. She's a Queen like her mother, so we'll see how they manage to live side by side as she gets older. Here are some new pictures of her, and we are also starting to make plans for her. New pictures of Laura and Ylva-li.


September 24th: Because of personal things in Árja's new family, she had to move back in with us again. She's a funny and very, very kind cat with a great temper!! We have decided to keep her in our cattery and breed on her, cause she has wonderful qualities. Look at her new pictures. Besides we've been to Bergen and had the chance to visit Beaivi, Čahki and Vacha in their new homes. What GREAT cats they are all of them!!! Look at the new pictures on their pages.

Árja has moved home again.



September 2nd: A great week end in Kristiansand at Sørak. Two certificates for Ylva-li, nomination for Laura on Saturday and one vote in the panel. On Sunday she was BIS!!!!

Lovely Laura



August 19th: Updated Sweet kittens, Funny kittens and Being together.


August 18th: We have moved the Sami litter to the litter page.


August 12th: Summer is nearly at an end. Our cattery has suffered a great loss this summer. Our dear, dear Alessi was put to sleep in June. Besides Laura and Ylva-li had their second HCM test, and both were negative. We have moved our Shining Stars litter to the litter page.


July 29th: Čáiddas has found his new home in the USA!!! We're very excited!! He'll be leaving in the middle of August.


June 18th: What a week-end we had at Hansakattens show in Bergen!!! The best results ever for our cattery! Being the best litter out of 5 really great litters in category II both days was great!! Three of our kittens have now moved to their wonderful homes. We're still waiting for the right owners for Čáiddas. He's a wonderful cat, and we would be really happy if he could be sold for breeding cause he's such a great male. Again we're so grateful that Kerstin at Just Catnap's trusted us to be Laura's home! She gives us amazing NFOs, and she's the most amazing of them all....I think!



June 13th: On Monday we'll have 6 cats in our house. Thinking back to early in May we had 13!! Believe me, it's a change! Our old cats are coming back to their old places where they can have peace and quiet. We're SO happy for all our kittens that they have got really great homes!! Some will be seen at shows, and some will be BIS cats at home :-) Thanks to them all for giving us days full of life!! ..........And our own "Ibsen" is still looking for a home.....

By the way. Stella Polaris has been to her first real show!



June 4th: Stella Polaris was "Skogens Prinsesse" or "The Princess of the Forest" at Skogkattmesterskapet in Oslo, June 2nd!! She also had The Best Pattern Total! A proud breeder and owner, Vigdis, in the background. The Princess herself looks rather bored...Thanks to Jon Wikne for allowing me to use the pictures. We've also got great pictures of Sirius in her home in Schnaittenbach, Germany. It's wonderful to see how she has settled down. Thanks to Rosi and Michael Balda for the pictures and keeping me updated.

Laura's kittens are now 14 weeks old. Take a look at the pictures Åge took of them while they were taking a walk in our garden.



May 28th:New pictures of our beauties, and new pictures of their halfbrother, Mio min Mio. He's a big wonderful cat living on an island outside Stavanger.



May 23rd: New photos of Sirius and Stella Polaris in their new homes.


May 21st: 12 weeks!



May 17th: Celebrating our National Day....., but we managed to take some pictures of Sirius before she leaves on Sunday.



May 15th: Our Sami litter is 11 weeks today, and our beauties are models once again.........Vacha seems a bit tired of all the posing, though....



May 9th: Finally on net again. We had to change webhotel, and now we're very satisfied with the service! Lots of things have happened since our last updating. Stella Polaris has moved to her new family in Romerike, and Sirius is moving to Germany in 10 days. There are pictures of them here and here. Besides there are new pictures of Laura's kittens at 7, 8, 9 and 10 weeks. Here's a picture of our two litters this year:


April 16th: Our website is FULL! We have taken all the pictures of Lauras kittens who are 7 weeks today, but they will be out on Facebook first. We have to remove pictures from our website tomorrow to make room for all the great pictures.


April 11th: Ylva-li's kittens are our biggest female kittens ever at the age of 11 weeks!!!


April 9th: More great pictures of Laura's kittens who turned 6 weeks today.


April 7th: Great news from Iceland and Germany this week end. In Reykjavik Memphis Blues was BIS at Kynjakatta with all votes on Saturday and Sunday. He was also the best groomed cat at the show. In Magdeburg, Germany, Lillebror was number 3 in Silver Jubilee Ring, number 1 in Adult-Ring, Best in Show, Best of the Best and - Best of All on Saturday! We're so grateful to the owners who show them in such a great way, and lots of congratulations to you!!!





April 4th: Ylva-li's kittens are 10 weeks. Stella Polaris, on the picture, is soon moving to her new family. Sirius is still available.


April 2nd: Laura's kittens are 5 weeks and 4 of them are still available. Vacha, on the picture, is booked though.



March 28th: Our Shining Stars are 9 weeks.


March 26th: Easter is coming up for the first time for our kittens. Laura's kittens are 4 weeks.


March 21st: Our Shining Stars are 8 weeks!


March 20th: Laura's kittens are 3 weeks...and 1 day. Also we have to congratulate Gro and Henning Husebø with Edda's prizes from Hansakatten. She was the Best Senior in Hansakatten in 2012, and she also got a prize for her Supreme Premier title. This coming Saturday she and her two sisters, Nanna and Frøya, will be 9 years! They're all Grand Old, and very special Ladies! Beside Edda is her granddaughter, Kloa's Fabiola.

March 14th: Ylva-li's kittens are 7 weeks, and they are both booked.


March 12th: Laura's kittens are 2 weeks. Please look at the new pictures.


March 7th: New pictures of our Shining Stars who are 6 weeks and almost 1 kilo :-)


March 5th: Our Sami litter is one week. They are gorgeous! We've also received wonderful pictures from Sabine and Ernst in Germany of their great looking halfbrother, Lillebror. Thanks a lot!!!

February 28th: We're recovering from rather hard days so the pictures of our Shining Stars today are of two tired girls.


February 27th: Yesterday Laura gave birth to her five beautiful kittens. This is our 14th litter, and we call it our "Sami Litter". Look at the info and the pictures. For the first time in our cattery we have white kittens. Under you see ČÁIDDAS, a beautiful male. In the Sami languages they have over 200 words for snow. His name means "snowball".


February 21st: Our Shining Stars are 4 weeks today. We also have exciting days ahead!! Their grandmother, Laura, expects kittens next week! Please take a look at our plans.


February 14th: Girls! We believe both of them are girls :-) Really big ones too! And charming!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also thanks to Ellen Tjørhom Bøe for all the nice pictures of Bæssmor / Lizzy! Lizzy is from Frøya's last litter, almost three years old and lives as a happy neuter in Sandnes.

February 7th: Question we wonder about: Do we have two boys, two girls or one of each? This time it has been really difficult to decide gender. Two different vets have had two different opinons, so we've finally decided to let the days pass by and see how things develope. We know it will be easier when the kittens are older. But we have made us up an opinion about one of them now as they have reached two weeks - even though we still feel the need to put a question mark after "gender". Please take a look at "Kittens" .

Ylva-li is a proud mother to her two beauties.



January 31st: The kittens are 1 week.......and just wonderful!!! Also thanks to Mathilde Grimsby for the great pictures of Tjommi and for taking so good care of him!! He lives the best life ever on my island, Utsira.


January 25th: Ylva-li's beautiful winter stars were born yesterday. More information on the kittens page and here. We're all very happy!!!!


January 13th: Great news!! Laura is expecting kittens in week 9! We also have new pictures of Kaisa, Lillebror and Laura. Thanks to Sabine Klanten and Jennifer Cerrano!


December 9th: Look how nicely Ylva-li's son, Rum Tum Tugger, has developed! Hopefully he'll attend his first show somewhere in Sweden in 2013. More pictures of him here. We've also received wonderful pictures of good-looking Boxer. We also have great news! The mating between Ylva-li and Fiskerjenta's Sisik has been sucessful, and she expects kittens around January 21st. You can look at the pedigree here. Two days ago Alessi was 13 years old. He celebrated it with a catstick, and he's just as playful and gentle as ever, our "great grand old man".


November 22nd: Ylva-li has been in Oslo this week. Take a look at our plans.

November 17th: At Hansakatten's show in Bergen, the first weekend in November, Edda became Supreme Premier and Ylva-li got the title Grand International Champion. Edda was also BIS-Senior both days. Congratulations!! We're very proud of both of them!Thanks to Gro and Henning for showing Edda, "Mrs Hollywood", in such a great way!! Look at the showresults here.


October 10th: Here's Frøya, our eight and a half year old neuter Lady, who's constantly on a diet.... Also great results from shows on Iceland and Sweden. Memphis was BIS both days, and Edda and Ylva-li got their certificates! Edda was also nominated!


September 19th: I've got new photos of Boxer!

September 16th: Ylva-li's litter is 8 months now. Here's a picture of Memphis Blues living in Iceland. The first week-end in October he's going to his first show.


September 11th: Results from SWS in Stavanger. We're also SO proud of Lillebror who became World Champion, BIS, BOB and Best Adult at a WCF's (World Cat Federation) show in Drammen last week-end!!! Also we have very exciting plansl!

Thanks to Ernst and Sabine Klanten at Limfjordens Norwegishen Waldkatzen

for giving him such a great home and for showing him in such a great way!


August 27th: New pictures of our still charming as ever; "Grand Old Man" Alessi. Showresults from Sørak.


August 18th: Summer is almost over, and Ylva-li is ready for shows again. Being a mother was great for her! We also have exciting plans.


May 8th: Great news from Sabine in Germany last Sunday: "Its unbelievable: Our GIC (N) Ravnklo's Lillebror achieved on the exhibition of the Organisation Feline Belge in Mont sur Marchienne CACE, BiV and Nr. 2 in the WCF-Adult-Ring. And today: CACE, BiV, Nr. 1 in the WCF-adult-Ring, BiS and BoB!! I am speakless!" We're very proud breeders!



March 26th:Ylva-li and Charlie's lovely kittens are 11 weeks, and we were lucky to gather them all for a photo! Not easy, but waking them up from their sleep seems to work....even if they look a bit tired some of them:-)


March 19th: Our lovely Laura was BIV-T and BIS at Norak's show in Oslo on Saturday! We're looking for a new partner for her and hope she'll be bring us lovely kittens this autumn.


March 5th:

Last week end very special and beautiful, Edda, living at Kloa's in Bergen was at Berak's show. You can see her great results here. Here's a picture of the owner Gro and Edda.

January 10th:

Well, we had guessed that Ylva-li would have 6 kittens.....and after some hours of rest, about two and a half hours after midnight, she gave birth to one more girl and one more boy!! She's so very proud!!


January 9th:

There was a full moon over Stavanger when Ylva-li's kittens were born. More information here.


December 31th:

Exciting days ahead. We expect Ylva-li's kittens to be born around January 6th in 2012!



December 7th: Alessi is 12 years old today!!! CONGRATULATIONS!


November 28th: Great news in our cattery! Ylva-li is pregnant!! Hopefully her first kittens will be born around January 6th, 2012. We're excited!


November 14th:We've just had a great week-end in Bergen at Hansakatten's show. Laura became Supreme Champion, was BIV and NOM both days with votes in the panel! On Sunday she also became the title Distinguished Variety Merit (DVM). Besides she became the first price for "long, strongly built, solid bone structure" (According to FIFe's breed standard) at the NFO special Norsk Skogkattring had at the show. Lots of congratulations to the breeder, Kerstin Kristiansson at S*Just Catnap's! We indeed had to take several pictures of Laura on this great day, and we were of course happy, happy, happy!!!

Laura, with her wonderful NFO look.


There were other great results for us as well: Edda, living at Kloa's, was BIS Senior both days, and was also nominated to the female neuter panel both days. We're SO proud of them both!

November 5th: Love is in the air! Ylva-li is in heat and has met Charlie. After a day or so where they just had to get to know each other, we've had days of love and understanding in our house:-) Look at our lovely couple here. It'll be exciting days in the weeks to come!

October 30th:Yesterday we visited Mio from Laura's litter and his owner, Anne Marie. It was great to see him again! What a cat!! He lives a wonderful life on an island just outside Stavanger. No need to say he's a really good looking NFO. More pictures of him here.


October 11th:Great results from RORAK’s show at Kverneland!! We’re SO proud of GIP/GIC (N) Ravnklo’s Edda who live at (N)Kloa’s with Gro and Henning. She got two certs, four nominations, one BIS neuter (female) and two BIS Senior!! CONGRATULATIONS! Laura also got her two certs,… even if she still wears her bikini.


October 5th: Change in plans again for Ylva-li, but we've found her a wonderful male whom we know very well and are very fond of! Besides, our dreams have come through considering Laura's next litter. She's going to meet one of our favourite NFO's, so we're just happy, happy, happy!!!! Please look at our plans to see our two, new wooers.

September 9th: Change in plans. New pictures of our seniors and veterans: Éowyn , Santana, Alessi, Frøya and Nanna. Below is a picture of our 10 year old, Santana, with his beautiful jade eyes.


August 29th: Ylva-li and Laura attended Sørak's show in Kristiansand this weekend. Look here for the results.


July 21st:Visiting Gulli, who lives with my sister, earlier this summer. She has indeed "long hair out of the ears". More pictures of her here and also some new pictures of Ylva-li, taken while we were on holiday in the mountains.



July 8th 2011: Several news to our readers on the net:


July 4th we had a HCM-test done on our two breeding queens, Laura and Ylva-li, and they are both negative! If everything turns out the way we hope for, Ylva-li will meet the most handsome male in August. We're SO happy for this!! Look at our "Plans" to see who it is. Ylva-li really "needs a man" now, as several judges have said at shows lately, and we really look forward to this litter.

Together with Ylva-li, Laura was at Värmlandkatten's show in Forshaga. She got the certificate both days. Saturday she was even nominated, and on Sunday she was BIV-T. Quite impressing for a NFO who's in her mini-bikini nowadays!


June 4th GIP/GIC (N)Ravnklo's Edda became BIS-Neuter at Hansakatten's show in Bergen! She got her new Grand International Premier-title at Värmlandskatten's show in Forshaga, Sweden, July 3rd. Thanks to our dear friends, Gro and Henning at (N)Kloa's, for showing this very special personality of a cat in such a great way. CONGRATULATIONS!





May 29th our grand old boy, EP/CH (N) Fodnaheia's Alessi became BIS-Veteran at "Skogkattmesterskapet" in Solbergelva. We're so proud of him! CONGRATULATIONS!


June 8th 2011: CELEBRATIONS!! Gulli loves her banana, and we celebrate with her and are SO happy that we've finally upgraded our homepage!....Most of it is finished, but there will still be some changes.w