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were born January 25th, 2013. It was quite dramatic. Ylva-li was on her 67th day , and my gut feeling told me that something was not right. I called my vet, and I decided that if there were no signs of kittens within 12 hours, I would bring Ylva-li to him. Nothing happened so I went to the vet. He found out there were only 2 kittens, their hearts were beating, but they were not moving much, I had been worrying about since the day before. Besides he told me that when there were/are few kittens, the “signals” they send to their mother that they are ready to be born, are weak.
The vets decided for a Caesarean, and at 2.30 p.m. Ylva-li’s kittens were born. There had been three, but one had died at an early stage. One of the kittens was a bit weak, but luckily everything turned out well!

The winter 2013 was really cold with beautiful winterdays and nights in Norway. Those wonderful, starry winternights are so lovely!! I got the idea of naming Ylva-li's and Sisik's kittens after some of these beautiful winterstars which we watched as we were driving from Bergen to Stavanger in the beginning of January.

Ylva-li's and Sisik's kittens are named after the winterstars: Sirius and Stella Polaris / Polaris.

From left: Stella Polaris, Sirius

Born: January 25th, 2013

Mother: GIC (N) Ravnklo's Ylva-li, NFO n 09 24

Father: IC (N) Fiskerjenta's Sisik, NFO n 22


SIRIUS NFO n 09 22

Owner: Roswitha & Michael Balda at "av Barnedroem"

Her page




Owner: Vigdis Ultvedt

Her page




Father: IC (N) Fiskerjenta's Sisik

NFO n 22

Owner: Trine and Jon Wikne, (N) Anzaskogen's

Breeder: Ellen Kristine Rønning, (N) Fiskerjenta's


Mother: GIC (N) Ravnklo's Ylva-li

NFO n 09 24

Owner: (N) Ravnklo's

Breeder: (N) Ravnklo's


HCM-tested in 2006 and 2009: Negative

GSD4 tested in 2009: Negative

Ylva-li's tests can be seen here.


Here are more pictures of their beautiful parents, Ylva-li and Sisik. The pictures are taken by Jon Wikne at Anzaskogen's








WEIGHTS in grammes:

NAME born 1 w 2 w 3 w 4 w 5 w 6 w 7 w 8 w 9 w 10 w 11 w 12 w 14 w 15 w 16 w
Sirius 138 294 422 550 680 804 946 1090 1244 1348 1514 1710 1836 2112 2260 2496
Stella Polaris 132 280 406 536 680 806 940 1070 1220 1340 1524 1760 1868      



IC (N)Fiskerjenta's Sisik NFO n 22

(N)Coco Island's Mr. Q NFO n 09 22

IC(N) Mestro's Valentino NFO n 09 23 S*Aristo Limaz Donnie Brazco NFO n 09 22

S*Mooniacis Mystique Girl NFO f 09 23

(N)Coco Island's Oranja NFO n 22

PR/IC (N) Grünerløkkas Karolus NFO n 09 22

CH Taropaves Notre Dame NFO a 09 23

S*Sannafjällets Flisa NFO ns 09 24

IP S*Sannafjället's Eko NFO ns 09

EC S*Gomorran's Theodor DM NFO a 09
GIC S*Wildwood's Quinette NFO n 09 23

S*Wildwood's Repris DM NFO nt 24

EP/ EC S*Svarte Petters Bernard NFO n
IC S*Wildwood's Ori Olsson NFO as 24

IC (N) Ravnklo's Ylva-li

NFO n 09 24

CH Balder av Kosepus
NFO n 09 22

SW06 EC Tordenørn Alessandro
NFO n 09 22
WW03 EP/EC Lisjøskogens Bishop DM DSM
NFO n 09
CH Aristo Limaz Zera
NFO n 09 22
CH Dakuma av Bjørnesletta
NFO n 09 22
CH Faruk av Bjørnesletta
NFO n 09 22
Pans Petunia

IC S*Just Catnap's Laura
NFO n 24

GIC Dorian av Tyssedal
NFO n 09 22
IC Zacs Magnum
NFO n 09 23
Aranja av Tyssedal

IC S*Just Catnap's Nanna Noon
NFO ns 09 24

GIP Just Catnap's Gilson
NFO ns 09 22
Stella av Borgund
NFO fs 03 24