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March 26th Laura gave birth to her two kittens which is our 16th litter. It was called our Memory I litter, and I had decided the names for them long time ago. For years I had been looking for a tortie girl to have in my cattery. I found some nice ones in different places, but I never felt "There she is!" - feeling. When I realized that I was in fact looking for a tortie that looked like Laura, I started looking for a male that I believed would be an amazing partner to my dear girl. When I saw Billy Bisquit for the first time, I really felt my heart jump, cause I knew right away that here he was!!! He was just like the male I was looking for; The father of my new tortie! What a happy day when Inger Andersson said YES to let Billy meet Laura!!

The kittens were taken by cesarean cause one undeveloped fetus blocked the way for the kittens to come out, both girls and both torties!!! I knew right away I wanted to keep them both, also as a tribute to our dear Frøya, our wonderful tortie girl, whom we had to let go the year before due to cancer. I'm very, very grateful to Inger Andersson at S* Pysida's for making my dreams come through!

From left: Siri, Sira and Laura in the background.


From left: Siri and Sira

Born: March 26th, 2015



SIRA NFO f o9 24

She has her name from the island where I'm born, Utsira. In daily language we often call it Sira. I've been waiting for years to call my next female Sira, and today she arrieved. Just as strong and beautiful as the island I come from, my special place in the world full of memories.

Owner: Stays at home

Her page


SIRI NFO f 09 24

She carries the name of the first cat I ever knew. I guess she was the one that made me love all cats. It was my brother Terje's cat, and he got it in the spring /summer of 1958 when I was only some months. We loved her deeply, and she was very, very special and wise. She died at the age of 10. You can see a picture and read about her here. I'm so happy to have a Ravnklo cat named after her.

Owner: Stays at home

Her page








SC S*Just Catnap's Laura DVM,

NFO n 24

HCM: tested negative 2011-07-04 and 2013-08-09

GSD IV: tested negative 2009-10-15

Pyruvatkinase Deficiency (PK): Genotype N/N (Free)




SC S*Dalkullan's Billy Bisquit, JW, DSM, DVM

NFO d 09 24

HCM: tested negative 2015

GSD IV: negative

Pyruvatkinase Deficiency (PK): Genotype N/N (Free)





Newborn 128 grammes 117 grammes
1 week 244 230
2 weeks 353 333
3 weeks 470 442
4 weeks 568 552
5 weeks 645 645
6 weeks 741 742
7 weeks 836 879
8 weeks 992 1018
9 weeks 1090 1127
10 weeks 1200 1308
11 weeks 1375 1425
12 weeks & 1 day 1531 1702



SC S*Dalkullans Billy Bisquit JW, DSM, DVM, NFO d 09 24

GIC S*Dalkullans Amigo Amore, JW, NFO n 03

GIC S*Magoria's Mago De Oz, NFO n 03 22

GIP/EC S*Rockringen's Jailhouse Rock, DVM, NFO n 03 24

S*Magoria's Miami Ink, NFO n 03 22

GIC S*Dalkullans Yami Yaffa, NFO n 09

IP & IC S*Harley Honey's Night Rod, JW, NFO n 03 24

S*Virvlas Miranda av Miraz, NFO fs 03

SC S*Räserråttans Greta, JW, NFO ns 09 23

IP GIC S* Långängens Krokant, NFO n 09 22

IP GIC S* Långängens Mandel, NFO n 22

IC S*Nenya's Aeryn Sun, NFO f 09 22

SC S*Räserråttans Dagny, NFO f 23

EC S*Isgården's Astrakan, NFO d 09 24

S*Gunsmokes Lucilla, NFO a 09 225847

SC S*Just Catnap's Laura
NFO n 24
GIC Dorian av Tyssedal (D)
NFO n 09 22
IC DK*Zacs Magnum
NFO n 09 23
CH S*Tauron's Rudolf Rotnase NFO d 09
EC DK*Fabis Amiga
NFO fs 23
Aranja av Tyssedal (D) NFO n
DK*Elkington's Kingo
NFO n 09 22
Maxime von Tim-Est (D)
NFO n 22
GIC S*Just Catnap's Nanna Noon
NFO ns 09 24
GIP S*Just Catnap's Gilson
NFO ns 09 22
GIP/EC S*Rockringen's Led Zeppelin NFO ds 09 22
CH S*Just Catnap's Bast
NFO n 09 24
Stella av Borgund (N)
NFO fs 03 24
IC (N)Jaktvika's De Lillo
NFO ns 09
Mia av Timaras (N)
NFO f 09 22