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On Midsummer Night, June 23rd, 2021, Sira's third litter was born. It was quite dramatic, cause Sira struggled for more than one and a half hour before the first one arrived. We were in fact on our way to the vet, cause after such a long time only a tiny part of a tail was visible. Suddenly Amandla bumped out, - alive! It was with such a power the mother and daughter had showed us the struggle of entering the world. Amazing! Therefor the kittens got their names meaning important virtues to me.

Lots of thanks to Britt and Frode Thomassen at "av Oseberg(N)" for making this litter possible by letting Sira meet their Werner av Oseberg(N).

They were born in Stavanger, but have also spent several weeks of their kittenhood on Utsira. They have all found their new homes in Norway.

From left: Toivo, Salah, Amandla, Amor and Mimir


Born: June 23rd, 2021

Mother: GIC (N) Ravnklo's Sira, NFO f 09 24

Father: Werner av Oseberg, NFO n 03 22



AMANDLA - now: FIFFI, NFO f 09 22

Lives on Utsira with my brother and Pelle, a house cat from a rescue centre in Stavanger (LUCAS)

Her page


AMOR, NFO d 09 22

Lives in Namsskogan, Norway

His page



TOIVO, NFO n 09 24

Lives in Sogndal, Norway, together with Pondus'family

His page


SALAH - now: TANGO, NFO n 09 24

Lives in Ål i Hallingdal, Norway

His page


MIMIR - now: JAZZ, NFO n 03 24

Lives in Ål i Hallingdal, Norway

His page




SC (N)Ravnklo's Sira

NFO f 09 24.

Born March 26th, 2015

HCM: Tested negative in July 2016 and June 2018

GSDV: Tested negative in June 2015

Pyruvatkinase Deficiency (PK):Free since both her parents tested negative











Werner av Oseberg,

NFO n 03 22.

Born June 21st, 2019


GSDV: Negative










4th generation: 0,0% inbreeding

Total inbreeding: 5,71%